31 August 2009

Settle in

We are getting settled which includes the kids off to school. Peppers first day at German Kindergarten! She is happy to go and have her own friends. (I especially like my lovely reflection in the door!) I am nervous about the language. Will she learn or will she be lonely?

Even though we don't have our things, I am making an effort to "move in." I ordered this window cling from here and really love it. It does a good job shielding the view of the block behind us and I still get plenty of diffused light.

I absolutely LOVE papercutting (aka scherenschnitte). I have been visiting flea markets here on the weekends and came across this one for about $10. It's about 10 inches tall. It came in an ugly frame and I am hoping to redo it in a black oval frame. It's my favorite piece so far. The details are amazing. I would love more like this - fairytale inspired.

14 August 2009

Long Summer

I am back... It's been a long move to Germany but we are here. Still missing our things but that's another story. I am missing crafting or more specifically, my sewing machine. I'm working on a crochet sweater and a couple of quilts but more on those later too. Instead of crafts I'll leave you with some pictures.