28 January 2009

Fuzzy Booties

Friends of ours had a baby boy about a month ago and I wanted to make him something. These booties have been a favorite gift of mine to give to babies. I started making them for my son and just always seem to fall back on them. This version is dark grey wool (it's cold in Kansas) and red eyelash yarn crochet together. The ribbon keeps the bootie on tiny wriggly feet.

21 January 2009

Fresh start

It's a fresh start with a new year and a new president so I thought I would do the same with me. Small goals - post once a week something that may inspire others (or not.) My husband and I are into a serious de-clutter mode. He is working on getting us paperless and I am working on organizing my craft space and computer. I had told myself that I would wait to start a blog until the computers kinks were worked out but I just couldn't wait.

Wish me luck!