17 August 2010

I want this...


I found it here but I'm sure there is a more direct route straight to the person responsible for this awsomeness.

It would be so hard to choose the combination.

How cute are the birds and bunny?

24 July 2010

Swagger Wagon

I don't drive a swagger wagon but dang this is funny.

23 July 2010


Smories are stories for kids read by kids. The kids are so cute and have great accents! My daughter is enamoured by the "big girls." I would love for her to do a Smory herself one day.

20 July 2010

Hairbands and boxers

Here are a few things I've done for Pepper lately. The first is a hairband organizer via craftstylish. I put the hard ones on the outside and the fabric/soft ones inside. I chucked the lid as I feel it just one more thing to deal with. Better to keep it simple.

She often wants to be just like big brother and that includes pajamas. B wears boxer briefs to bed and so then does Pepper. I bought a big pack of Hanes. Of course they are in boy colors and she won't have that. Pink is way more exciting! She also complained of them being too long. So, I cut and hemmed them and added a pinkish heart patch on the butt using fabric from my scrap basket. The possibilities are endless with these but I wanted fast and easy. She loves them which means I am thrilled. Plus there is the added bonus of her running around saying "look at my butt!!"

On a side note, check out the blog my mom the style icon. It's tons of fun to browse around.

Lastly and most important, never, and I mean NEVER, use a plastic liner in your crockpot while trying to make plum butter.

16 July 2010

Isabel Samaras

How amazing is this artist? A new take on Goldielocks and the 3 bears. This woman is incredibly talented. And to have such an incredible imagination!

And here she is explaining it all.

15 July 2010


I just love Garnethill. I just don't love the prices. I like to drink coffee and take a virtual window shopping trip. I always see a lot of Anthropologie rip-offs and even Mini Boden. I think Garnethill is being jipped! We need to rip them off too!!! So here are a few pictures to inspire. My first go is going to be the corsage dress. It seems like a version of the pillowcase dress.

Anyone up for the challenge?

10 July 2010

Ties, ties, and more ties

Last week I went thrifting with a friend and her mom. We all found some amazing treasures and among mine was a box of ties. I'm not sure why really but I had to have them. I was so excited to find 8 vintage Hermes in there! The funny thing is that no one in this house wears a tie. My son has never worn a tie and hubbie hasn't worn one since... I have no idea! I don't even like ties on kids. I just find it silly. So I thought I would make a tshirt with a tie. Just because.

Here's the tie I picked out. I had no idea how silk ties wash (and it has to be washable on the smalls) so I washed it. It got a bit crinkly but not in a bad way.

I laid it on the shirt, folded in a "knot", and cut off the excess underneath. I then topstitched around the whole thing twice and done. Easy peasy lemon squeazy. I love fast projects. B thought it was funny. He was so excited when I was finished and was more than happy to try it on for the photo-op but then quickly removed it. For now I'll attribute that to it being hot here. 95 and no a/c.

I think it would be a cute first-day-back-to-school shirt. But it will probably be an off-to-the-playground-and-this-shirt-is-on-the-top-of-the-pile shirt.