03 April 2009

Have I figured this out?

I feel like this is sooooo trial and error here (emphasis on error). This is Lisa Hannigan "I don't know."

I realized after I posted that I was being a bit redundant. The video has a big title on it! Talk about a learning curve...

Makes me happy

I came across Julieta Venegas by accident and now I can't stop listening! I find I have Me Voy in my head all the time. That and I don't know by Lisa Hannigan. I could listen to these songs all day. They are often my inspiration songs. It makes me so happy to such amazingly talented people. It makes me want to take up an instrument.

Sorry it's just a couple of links this time. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to embed a yotube video here. Maybe one day I'll be able towork that out.