20 July 2010

Hairbands and boxers

Here are a few things I've done for Pepper lately. The first is a hairband organizer via craftstylish. I put the hard ones on the outside and the fabric/soft ones inside. I chucked the lid as I feel it just one more thing to deal with. Better to keep it simple.

She often wants to be just like big brother and that includes pajamas. B wears boxer briefs to bed and so then does Pepper. I bought a big pack of Hanes. Of course they are in boy colors and she won't have that. Pink is way more exciting! She also complained of them being too long. So, I cut and hemmed them and added a pinkish heart patch on the butt using fabric from my scrap basket. The possibilities are endless with these but I wanted fast and easy. She loves them which means I am thrilled. Plus there is the added bonus of her running around saying "look at my butt!!"

On a side note, check out the blog my mom the style icon. It's tons of fun to browse around.

Lastly and most important, never, and I mean NEVER, use a plastic liner in your crockpot while trying to make plum butter.

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Deelee said...

Soooo cute and creative Kim!! Love it.